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Paranormal investigator Felix Fojas arrives in a Midwest town to investigate the mysterious loss of his old lover, Amanda, and reconcile sins of the past. He discovers she fell victim to the Batibat, an ancient evil that followed her home from the Philippines. Now Felix must battle the forces of evil and unravel the mystery of the Batibat in order to save Amanda’s daughter, Sarah, from its hellish grip.

Directed by Chris W. Freeman

Written by Chris W. Freeman and Aaron Mack

Produced by Aaron Mack

Starring Nicholas Gonzalez, Sean Carrigan, Stevie Lynn Jones, John Churchill, Ade MacCormack, Constance Brenneman

Studios: Genre Labs and Elevate Pictures


"What I got was a full-fledged “R”-rated monster movie that actually delivers on its premise."
The Movie Elite
Balls-to-the-wall horrific evil crazy stuff!"

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